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My dream as C.Legs.

Carl Fritjofsson

Tradition holds in Sweden that when you get married you give your significant other a gift on the day after your wedding (Swe: morgongåva). The gift I was fortunate to received from my love @Louise_KingLui was an epic experience to go to D.C. and record a rap demo together with the local act Uptown Xo. True excitement!

This turned out to be one of the most legit and awesome days in my life, where we spent a good 11 hours in the studio hanging out, writing rhymes and recording beats. I've never thought of myself as being a good rapper (and I've never even tried writing rap lyrics before) and this was purely a once in a lifetime unique experience to feel it out. But despite my limited MC skills and ambitions, the creative respect and integrity the D.C. rap community showed to me was something to admire. Never did I see or hear any negative criticism, although I'm sure there were plenty of areas where this could have been justified. Instead I saw some genuine support and cheers from people who simply love the rap game and everything about it, regardless if you're working with true talent or a wannabe white kid like myself. And also understanding the everyday hustle these local artist go through to pursue their dream can't be mistaken for anything else than pure entrepreneurship and grassroot sales. It's a story that has been told so many times, but nonetheless impressive. 

The outcome of this epic experience isn't the best song the world has ever seen. And it's most likely the only song the world will see from this "artist". But here it is. 🎤 C.Legs featuring Uptown Xo with Dreams. 👊💪